Friday, August 24, 2012

Wings: A Fairy Tale

Tamisin Warner isn't like normal girls her age. She likes to dance on full moons, has "spreckles" and what are these strange things sprouting from her back? As Tamisin tries to find her purpose in life, she gets more than she bargained for when she meets Jak, the new boy in town. Together they go on a fantastic adventure and learn more about each other than what was asked for. Will Tamisin find out who she really is? Will Jak find his own voice? And will two completely different kinds of people, find a way through their differences? I liked about this book:
M: I loved the two different character perspectives Baker gives. Jak and Tamisin both have unique stories to tell and then we see worlds collide. It is a fun read with a lots of heart. Definitely a great twist on the usual fairy stories and the hobgoblins make excellent villains and heroes.

C: I liked the characters' personalities. I also like how everything wasn't okay like both of them had things that happened to their families. It wasn't like the fairy stories that have fairies being all sweet and nice. Baker gives them attitude. I think she has something against fairies. In most of her books she has them being the cause of the curse! I think it is awesome. Instead of witches it's the magical creatures little kids think of as their friends :)

N: I really liked how Baker gives both characters their own unique personality. I loved the friendship and romance between Jak and Tamisin. They work together and go through measures to keep each other safe. I like the friends they meet and how no matter what they stick together. The twist Baker put on the fairy tale and creatures was amazing and it's a book I would definitely want in my library.

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