Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day or S.A.D.

The Day of Love is upon us.

Here is my tribute to the 'fantasy love' going around. This is not from anything, just something I made up from the bottom of my head ;). (Background purpose: Authors have been posting kiss scenes from their stories, but I thought it should be more challenging. They should create a new kiss scene completely from scratch, instead of using one already in existence.) So for the fun of it (not seriously writing) I wrote:

       She held his eyes intently, trying to interpret the emotion behind them. They had been fighting each other for so long. She barely recognized him. He didn't have that resentment his father had put in him.
       "I-,' she was cut off by one of his swift movements, but this time it didn't land her on her bottom but in his arms. Lips to lips. Heart to heart.

Then I thought, 'this is a blog about books'.
I just got images from the internet. I don't own it.
I know, it is next to impossible (so next to choosing 'Favorite Book') but I thought it would be fun.

I like this one: 'The Kiss of a Stranger' by Sarah M. Eden.

Shh... Can't spoil the richness of it. In order to read the romantic kiss, you'll have to get it straight from the source.


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