Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Need to do some Frog-busting?

This is an amazing survival guide for the strange thing called Dating.
It is a fun way to learn how to survive the Dating Swamp. It has almost everything you need to know from when you travel in to the swamps of dating to when you say I do.
It is for females of all ages (males can read it too to know how to be ;) but beware it has some FEMALE things).

*Personally, I think age 14 is the best time to introduce The FrogBuster to your wonderful and beautiful daughters.

  N: As a teenage girl that might be going into a world of dating anytime, I found this book useful. The Frog Buster has a lot of interesting facts that I think every teenage girl should know. Plus it's an enjoyable book to read. I was hooked from the time I started reading it and it didn't fail in making me laugh. It is a book written with a lot of truth and experience. If you are a girl and looking for something to read I recommend it. Boys can read it too. It might help them understand girls a little more. Happy Reading!

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